I would like to present to you my project 'The Twelve Months Book'.

All the moments in our child's life are of great significance. And the first twelve months are the most precious. It's a miracle to see them learning to hold their heads. To reach for a toy and feel its textures. To flip on their stomachs, sit up unassisted and finally, the most awaited of all, take the first step. All these transformations happen in the first twelve months.


'The Twelve Months Book' is here to preserve these unique moments for you. It will forever remind you how you held your baby in your arms, inhaled their scent and caressed their tiny fingers and sweet cheeks. It will take you back to the days when you witnessed their first smile and felt tender happiness swelling in your heart.


The book can also include your pregnancy photos, the time when a tiny growing life filled your world with the new beginnings. Imagine their wonder, when they see these images and realize they were inside of your belly once, safe and snug.


It is a unique twelve months project, at the end of which you will hold the memory-filled book. The book which will take you over and over again to the moments when your little bundle of joy brought grand changes to your life.

Share with me your story, the story of your growing family.

The time you spend with your family during multiple photo shoots will be unforgettable. And the result with professional and high quality 'The Twelve Months Book' will be a precious gift for the rest of your life. 


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